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history of the hotel moserhof



The original farm house is bought by Joseph senior and his wife Anna.

Now the farm is run by them. They keep cows and sheeps and work is done on the field.

Hard manual work fills up the day.



Cause of health reasons, Joseph and Anna cannot continue the farm.

Joseph Hosp junior himself finishs now the work. Beside the farm work he begins to rent rooms to guests.



As a result of more and more guests the original farm is now run as the small pension "Moserhof".

Simple furnished guest rooms are rent and a plain breakfast is served in the wooden room. There is already running cold water in the guest rooms on each floor. With the installation of a central oil heating in the year 1965 guests can also be accommodated in the winter months.



It follows the second construction of the hotel with a dining room an more rooms.

A few adjacent houses are bought and removed to get more space for parking an a garden.



The largest extension is made. 18 well-furnishe rooms with high comfort are built.

A new kitchen with a large basement with technology and storage facilities follows.

A large dining room and a leisure area with sauna, steam bath and solarium are implemented.

All guest rooms, corridors and bathrooms in the existing house are renovated.



The garage with carport and storage rooms adjacent to the hotel parking lot is built.



The existing kitchen is enlarged, the storage ares and the technical equipment gets more room. The wellness area gets a new whirlpool and a infrared sauna. Now the wellness-guests can directly reach the garden using the new staircase. A new a-la-carte restaurant in the typical alpine style with much wood and atmosphere is implemented. A tower-like, 4-storey high construction with eight new rooms is built on the existing conservatory.


the farm-house in the year 1930

the farm-house in the year 1930


the photograph shows Joseph Hosp senior at the age of 19 years(far right)

the guest-house moserhof 1962

the "Moserhof" as a "guest-house"

in the year 1962

the moserhof pension 1971

the Moserhof "pension" in 1971