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Time for culture - 365 days a year


Art and culture in a historic setting. From the famous Roman road "Via Claudia" the "Via Dezia" branched off at the Ehrenberger Klause to follow through the valley of Tannheim to Bregenz. Every evening the romantically lit ruins of castle Ehrenberg reminds the once strenuous routes through the Alps.


Today you can quickly reach the most beautiful destinations on good roads. Historical treasures of arts can be found everywhere. Every trip is a pleasure and the road as enjoyable as the destination.


the ruins of Ehrenberg

medieval museum of Ehrenberg

museum to experience


Your child will not take off the knight armor - and you will be amazed also!

opening hours:

10:00-17:00; daily


medieval museum of Ehrnberg

nature park - the tyrolean lech


Discover the the nature reserve of the LECH river. An area of about 41 square kilometers is worth to protect - and that for good reasons, as everyone will see very quickly.


With its impressive natural features the reserve Tiroler Lech is one of the most beautiful and original landscape areas in the Alps.


In 2004 the "wild river Lech" with its lowland forests and tributaries has been designated as a nature reserve with the officially recognized title "Naturpark" award.


the lech river

the green house is home of the museum of reutte
rococo grid

Museum in the "green house"

The museum of Reutte is located in the green house. The stately mansion from the 16th century has a green-painted facade with fragrant paintings. On the second floor unique Renaissance paintings were exposed during renovations in the year 1989. The visitors will find valuable paintings from major artists like the painter-family "Zeiller" or Balthasar Riepp. You learn who is the "Geierwally" and you can admire the pictures of Anna Stainer-Knittel.


Another focus is the changing history of Reutte and its inhabitants. You can get an idea of the living and working conditions of our ancestors.



opening times:
In summer from tuesday to sunday: 10.00 – 16.00 h

In winter on request:     http://kultur.ausserfern.at/

Places of Power


On the "path of virtue" to the "places of power". The nature and the silence will capture your thoughts through this mystical journey of time.

And at that moment the holidays start and you leave the ordinary workday!


At the pass of the "Gaicht" the hiker is confronted with the tension between education and conceitedness - cockiness rarely does well.


At the "castle in the hole" at a mysterious cliff, the visitor is concerned with the virtue of humility and its opposite, the arrogance.


The wood "Frauenwald" and the lake "Frauensee" are places that invite you to think about love.


The "Magnus-Sitz" encourages to question yourself about loyalty and constancy.


The ruins of Ehrenberg, are the starting point and also the final destination of the path of virtue. There you also do your exams like walk on wooden beams or lowering yourself on a rope.


the lake Frauensee
a place of power
the lake Frauensee

castle of Neuschwanstein

Pure Culture

Although the holiday region of Reutte offers a lot of culture itself, it is still a big advantage that two regions of cultural treasures are just a stone´s throw away: our country´s capital Innsbruck and our bavarian neighbours:


The bavarian castles of King Ludwig - Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau and his romantic hunting lodge Linderhof. The Wies Church is the most beautiful rococo church in a wide radius. The german monastery Ettal is a place of pilgrimage with a famous bsilica.