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The summer in our region is probably the most beautiful season.

enjoy a sunbath at the lake Plansee !

In the search for the

refreshing springs of life?


They are discovered in shiny-clear waterfalls, streams, mountains and a variety of small an large lakes.



The lake Plansee

For sailors and surfers, but also a paradise for swimmers and fishermen.

Also, a boat plys between 3 stops where you can stop and hike or enjoy good food and drinks.


The Plansee is an exceptional water. With more than 6 km length, it is nestled between the ridges of high mountains and combines itself with the Heiterwanger lake. It is the second largest lake in Tyrol and its deepest point is 76.5 meters. The Plansee is one of the clearest lakes in Tyrol with best water-quality.

lake Plansee


The lake Urisee

Located in a idyllic valley the lake Urisee is very frequented by the locals.

Especially after a mountain tour to the "Dürrenberg" or after work the lake Urisee is


From June to September the water temperature rises in summer to 23 degrees. The water reaches drinking water-quality for many years now.

the lake Urisee


The lake Frauensee

The half-hidden and mysterious lake Frauensee is exactly right for romantic people. Here is also the starting point for many hikes around the "Hahle" mountain to the alpine pasture of "Musau".

the hidden, mystical lake Frauensee

The Alatsee

is located on 842m altitude near Vils. With its quiet walks around the lake the Alatsee is an ideal hiking destination for any nature lover.


It is up to 35m deep. In 15-18 meters, it has a bright red colored layer of purple sulfur bacteria, which ranks among the greatest in freshwater lakes. Fact is that the Alatsee does not experience any water circulation through the winter months. So the sulfur-containing deep water is still the same since thousands of years.

the lake Alatsee in Vils

The lake Lechausee

The lake is beautifully situated between the mountains. It is rather small and not very deep with a maximum of 6 meters.


This small flooded gravel pit is ideal for divers. For a mountain lake its visibility should be considered just as fantastic . I is not unusual to see through the complete lake. The terrain makes the lake also interesting. Who enjoys to dive in mountain-lakes is right here: The floor extends into many waves.


the lake Lechausee


Hiking pleasure in the "hikeable" holiday region of Reutte

The holiday region of Reutte is ideal for all vacationers who want to exercise in the fresh air. It is the variety of mountains and valleys, streams and lakes, meadows and forests that make this region distinctive. Each season has its own charm, and hiking is always beautifull on more the 400 km of hiking trails.


Whether you are top-fit and like to take summit after summit, or you stop at a hut not so high up, or you just want to walk rather comfortably - our beautiful countryside has what you expect.


Hiking trails in the holiday region of Reutte

This description is intended to show you a brief overview of the hiking opportunities in our region. Our reception will gladly help you with information and a walking map for your trip-planning. Much more information on our links page.


the waterfalls back in Mühl

Hiking circuit "Stuibenfälle - Ministersteig"

Starting in Mühl, passing the metal industry of Plansee you reach the central of the power generation EWR. From there to the right where the Archbach river erupts on several rock steps.

Here begins the "Hermann walk", a well-secured path passing small waterfalls. Than you reach a open terrain surrounded by beautiful forests and finde the great waterfall. Following the switchbacks up to teh pulpit and on to the second, smaller waterfalll. From there you have a beautiful view over the low down lying, deep blue pools. Continue over the bridge to the end of lake Plansee you pass the newly built and very attractive suspension bridge to the path called "Ministersteig", back to the transformer-station of the of the power station of Reutte. Duration 1,5 h.


Alpine barefoot hiking trail

Take your time and enjoy the alpine trail barefoot. Even Father Kneipp has recognized the bareffot walking as healthy. Take the chance for this free nature cure.

5 minutes walk from the mountain station of the cable car starts the barefoot hiking trail. The shoes will be slung over your shoulder or left behind at the start. Here we go, on lush alpine pastures on the way out into the hollow of the "Jochhalde". It ends at the "Höfener Alm" after the transition of individual stations, designed to strengthen the foot muscles.

the lake Plansee

Passing the "Melk" to the lake "Plansee" - for tireless wanderer

Starting in Reutte at the smaler lake "Urisee" following the "Dürr" mountain trail on a forest road to the alpine hut called "Melk". The long trail leads us further, rising above the road to the north side of the trail. The trail along the lake Plansee has beautiful views, at the hotel Seespitze a bridge gets you to the other side of the lake and crosses a gravel road to a very interesting chapel the "Frauenbrünnele" where you cross the street and gets you to the picturesque waterfalls of the "Stuiben". One way from there takes you back to your start at the lake Urisee. Duration 6 h.

your destination the castle Neuschwanstein !

Along the Fürstenweg to Schwangau

Starting point: the guest-house Schluxen, from there along the gently rising Fürstenweg (about 45 minutes) to the sunny located barrier of the german border, following the partly flat to slightly down going trail to the Alpsee (duration 1,5 hours). After another half hour you get to Hohenschwangau and have the opportunity to visit the bavarian royal castles. The bus is the best way to get back to the hotel.